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Goldsworth Road Dental Centre
96 Goldsworth Road, Woking, GU21 6LN


Minimum Fee Guide

Fees correct as of 1st July 2017
Diagnostic   Fee
New patient exam   £85.00
Examination   £44.00
X-Ray films - Small   £12.00
Panoral x-ray   £43.00
Scale & Polish   £57.00
Hygienist - per visit   £57.00
Hygienist Direct Access - Initial appointment   £85.00
Gum surgery   At hourly rate
Small   £79.00
Medium   £104.00
Large   £131.00
Tooth coloured, Composite Resin
Small   £95.00
Medium   £130.00
Large   £180.00
Pins each £17.00
Sealants   £19.00
Root canal therapy
Depending on tooth From £314.00
Planned   £112.00
Surgical   £186.00
Both Arches   £400.00
Crown & Bridge   From
Porcelain Veneer   £424.00
Elite Ceramic crown   £730.00
Porcelain bonded crown   £520.00
Additional for Gold Post   £171.00
Additional composite core   £119.00
Pre-formed root posts   £119.00
Composite Inlays   £479.00
Simple Bridges per unit £399.00
More complicated bridges by quote
Recement Crowns/Bridges per unit £63.80
Implants   £2100.00
Full Dentures   £1113.00
Single Full Denture   £675.00
Partial denture   £587.00
Chrome-Cobalt extra   £341.00
Relining each £121.00
Addition each £112.00
Denture repair   £79.00
Sports Mouth guards
Single   £64.00
Additional for name   £17.00
Additional for coloured   £16.00
Additional for stripes   £39.00
Double thickness   £80.00
Stain Removal and Whitening
Scale & polish £57.00
Polished Appointment £128.00
Tooth whitening £400.00
(Patients must have seen a dentist and be dentally fit prior to whitening of teeth) Fully inclusive price to include:
Pre-whitening scale and polish
Appointment 1 Impressions for whitening trays/ Informed consent from patient/ Pre-whitening photos
Appointment 2 Issue of whitening trays, whitening gel and desensitising toothpaste
Appointment 3 Post whitening review and shade check 2 months after treatment
We can bleach upper or lower arch, one at a time, for £220.50 each
The price of whitening includes any extra tubes of whitening gel required for any subsequent top ups.
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