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Dental Implants

Have you lost all or some of your natural teeth? Bridges, dentures and flexible dentures are not the only solution, thanks to advances in modern dentistry. Dental implants are small metal screws that are placed in the jaw so that crowns, bridges and dentures can be fixed onto them.

Implant dentistry offers a clinically proven and safe solution to getting back a great smile and being able to bite and chew with confidence. When you lose your natural teeth, your jaw bone and surrounding tissues start to resorb or disappear over time. When implants are placed in the jaw, it stimulates the remaining bone to grow and mesh around the metal, along with tiny blood vessels. More importantly, implants help restore function so you can eat, chew and bite without your dentures falling out or having to stick to a soft food diet for the rest of your life.

I've had two dental implants and they are fantastic. They feel like my normal teeth and I can eat what I like.

The procedure is no big deal. At the end of my last implant treatment when Mr Pritchard said 'right, that's it', I couldn't believe it – I've had worse fillings! I'm trying to talk all my friends into having implants.

I am a post war child and grew up seeing sets of dentures floating in a glass on my parents' bedside table! This image makes dental implants the only way to go.

Goldsworth Road Dental Centre Practice has an easy payment plan to make treatment more affordable. There are other alternative treatments for replacing missing teeth but bridges aren't that much cheaper. I would highly recommend paying that bit extra and going for an implant. You can't see them, they are completely stable and you don't jeopardise the teeth on either side.

I have been with Goldsworth Dental Practice for over 20 years now and they are by far the best in the area! 5 stars all round!

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