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Goldsworth Road Dental Centre
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quat-left I'm totally delighted with my implants - I can eat anything now with 100% confidence.

I found Goldsworth Road Dental Centre online. It looked like a very good practice, so I visited them for an initial assessment, which they handled very well.

I have been with the practice for about a year now and I am totally delighted with everything, their service and treatment. It has all worked out 100% for me. The practice is only a ten-minute walk away too, which is great.

Phase one of my treatment was to have four dental implant roots mounted in my upper jaw. I experienced very little pain – almost nothing with the injections. My mouth was left for three months for the bone to weld with the implant and I then had eight teeth mounted onto them.

I was so delighted with phase one that I had virtually the same thing done in my lower jaw. I am very pleased. The implants blend in with my natural teeth and the great thing is that I don't think about them. Once the implant-retained bridge is fitted, it's permanent. It's just like having natural teeth. They are not cheap but they are well worth it.

I had dentures beforehand but I never really got on with them very well. I was always worried that I hadn't fitted them in right and food used to creep underneath. I was very tentative biting on my dentures but now I can tackle anything, steak and all sorts, with 100% confidence. quat-right

Alan Bartlett, Horsell

quat-left It's an excellent practice and they're very accommodating. I'm very pleased with my orthodontic treatment - mission accomplished!

I wanted to correct one particular tooth that had only come through in my 20s. There was a gap as it came through quite far back and I was always biting my tongue.

I found Goldsworth Road Dental Centre on the internet. It was reasonably local and seemed good value and very reputable, so I made an appointment. That was in 2009 and since then the rest of my family has joined following my recommendation.

The practice has a homely environment and is very clean. It's not a scary place to visit and the team are always very friendly and welcoming.

It was definitely on my agenda to undergo adult orthodontics when I contacted the practice and I decided to go for tooth-coloured, ceramic fixed braces. It only took a day to get used to them after they were fitted and they very quickly became normal. They weren't uncomfortable and I had no problems – it was plain sailing really.

I was aware of wearing braces and I did wonder about the effect they would have on my appearance but even after I'd had them a while one or two people still hadn't noticed. They said they knew something was different but they couldn't place what it was.

The ceramic braces aren't invisible but I didn't expect them to be, and I had decided against clear aligners because they are in a different price bracket. I went for 0% finance over 12 months and I actually paid it off early but the option was there. It was straightforward to set up and I would certainly recommend that option generally as the cost was a major consideration for me. I was surprised though as it was lower than I expected. I started my treatment in 2009 and the cost for braces on my top jaw was around £1,650, which I think is very good value – I've got no complaints.

It's an excellent practice and they're very accommodating. Once or twice the elastic snapped but Mrs Pritchard was able to fit me in straightaway. I had the brackets removed last November and I'm very pleased because both problems have been fixed. I no longer bite my tongue and the gap has gone - mission accomplished! quat-right

Andy Griffith, Woking

quat-left It's an absolutely brilliant practice and the best dentist I've ever had! I can't praise them enough.

I have been a patient at Goldsworth Road Dental Centre for about 25 years and my two children have grown up under their care. My husband is also a patient and we can't speak highly enough of them. It's an absolutely brilliant practice.

The whole atmosphere is lovely and they can't do enough for you. I have had the same dentist for the last five years or so and Nicola Triffitt is the best dentist I've ever had.

I used to be really nervous because of a bad experience when I was little but Nicola makes me feel relaxed and always makes it fun – it's not like you're at the dentist! She's always laughing and smiling and I never dread seeing her even when I know it's going to be for difficult treatment.

I've had an awful lot of problems with my teeth over the last two years but she's so lovely and makes you feel so relaxed, that it's been absolutely fine. I've also seen dentists Felicity Martin and Ben Kemsley and they are great too.

My children are grown up now and my daughter, Felicity, did join another practice for a while because it was closer to work but she said it wasn't a patch on Goldsworth Road Dental Centre, so she came back. You don't realise how good you've got it until you hear what others say about their dental care.

I'm on a care plan and it's well worth it. You don't notice the money each month and I attend religiously. It definitely makes dental care more manageable for us.

Nicola will do everything in her power to save a tooth. I've had to have root canal treatment three times in the past year because I had problems with some old fillings. The alternative would have been to have the teeth taken out and have implants or a bridge but this way I will get at least another ten years out of these teeth.

Karen Rayner the hygienist is so lovely too. I had sensitivity along the bottom of my teeth and it was really painful. Karen showed me how to just slightly change the way I brush my teeth and recommended a new toothpaste. The sensitivity has gone - I couldn't believe it!

My son, George, had a chip in his front tooth from playing football when he was about 12. It was really noticeable because it was right at the front so Nicola fixed the problem with composite and he came out looking like new!

My children have had a totally different introduction to the dentist than I had and both have really good teeth. All I can remember being in agony with toothache as a small child and the gas and air mask coming towards me. That feeling never leaves you. I am so much more confident now with the care I have received at Goldsworth Road Dental Centre. They are all brilliant. quat-right

Jennifer King, New Haw

quat-left From the minute you walk through the door at Goldsworth Road Dental Centre Practice, it's fantastic.

I have been a patient at Goldsworth Road for 20 years, since I was seven years old and Mrs Pritchard has always been my dentist. She has seen me grown up, get married and she and everyone else at the practice knows me. I live in Guildford and my husband asked if I would like to move to a dentist closer to home, but I'd rather stay put and travel the 20-minute journey, that's how good they are!

The practice is warm and welcoming with a genuinely nice team - you are always met by happy, smiley people. The practice is good at reminding you that it's time to come for an appointment. They send email reminders and now offer online booking, which I find really easy and convenient.

I don't have a fear of the dentist and I don't have any fillings. I've never had to have any wisdom teeth out or any major treatment either. I put that down to visiting the dentist regularly – I go every six months to see Mrs Pritchard and the hygienist, Vicki – and I also think I have good teeth naturally, I'm lucky. I do look after my teeth as having a nice, healthy smile is really important to me.

I was thinking about having teeth whitening done for my wedding and I mentioned it to Mrs Pritchard at my dental appointment. I expected that I would be in and out in an hour but there's so much more to it than that to make sure your teeth and gums are properly looked after.

The whole service was brilliant and I didn't have any sensitivity like some people do. I had special moulds made for my teeth and whitening gels, and I had regular checks to make sure that I wasn't reacting to the gel.

The whole treatment was really easy and the result is brilliant. My teeth are lovely and bright, I'm so pleased. They are perfect and exactly what I wanted – people still comment on my teeth and I had the treatment more than seven months ago.

I was tempted to go for an online tooth whitening deal but I'm so glad I didn't, I would definitely recommend going to a dentist. Don't be fooled by online deals - the health and safety of your teeth are important and your teeth could be damaged without proper care from a trained dentist. You might pay a bit extra for it but it's definitely worth it because you get all the care and support you need. quat-right

Natasha Martyn, Guildford

quat-left The whole team is always excellent and I would recommend Nikki 150%!

We have been patients at Goldsworth Road Dental Centre Practice for about six years and my children are now seven and ten. In all that time they have never dreaded going, which is fantastic. Having a great dentist makes all the difference – I'm so relieved to have found Nikki (Triffitt), a highly skilled practitioner.

Nikki is fantastic with the children - they look forward to seeing her and skip back to the car after their appointment. She always greets them with a huge smile and will blow up her gloves to make them giggle. There's always lots of laughing and she makes their appointments fun. She uses the whizzy tools on their hands before she puts them in their mouths to make them feel at ease with what she's about to do.

Nikki's advice is excellent and she explains what their responsibilities are for keeping their teeth healthy. They want to please her so when they get home they say 'Nikki said we must do this' and they do it.

I had an awful experience when I was six years old so I have an extreme fear of dentists. I would almost prefer to go through labour than have a filling. I have always tried hard not to portray my fear to my children. With Nikki I feel in control of the situation and she takes things at my pace. I can put my hand up at any moment and she will stop.

My youngest daughter had fissure sealants on her teeth to help protect the biting surfaces. The procedure took no time at all. I had fissure sealants when I was younger and it seemed to take forever but this was really fast.

The whole dental centre is calm and quiet, which is great especially for children and nervous patients. Everyone is always so helpful and really lovely, and I would not hesitate to recommend Nikki. She is an outstanding dentist. Everything she's done is flawless; she does an amazing job. quat-right

Sophie Brogden, Horsell, Woking

quat-left I have gone from being really nervous of dentists, to having cosmetic treatments out of choice!

I used to be an incredibly nervous patient and I hadn't been to see a dentist for many years. This obviously had a knock-on effect. It was when my two front teeth became really loose that I decided I had to do something.

I live in Cranleigh and work in Woking and it was a work colleague who recommended Goldsworth Road Dental Centre Practice. They couldn't have been better: they're really understanding and Felicity (Martin), in particular, is wonderful.

Felicity takes appointments at my pace and is happy to stop at any point. I've been a patient here now for about three years and there has been a complete change in the way I feel about going to the dentist.

When I was younger I had to have four teeth taken out for a brace. It was in the days when they gave you gas and air but I came round half way through the extractions to a gruesome sight. This was obviously very traumatising.

This dentist then gave me more gas and air and it made me very sick for the following four days. The experience was enough to make me terrified of dentists and I developed a very sensitive gag reflex, which made things worse.

I have gone from being really nervous and not going to the dentist for years, to having cosmetic treatments out of choice!

I have had my two front teeth and one back tooth replaced with dental implants and Mr Pritchard placed these. The service has been so good – and my implants are amazing. I forget they're there; they are part of me now. They blend in perfectly with the rest of my teeth and it doesn't feel like they're not real. You really wouldn't know.

I've also had all of my metal fillings replaced with white ones. This is definitely worth doing because when you smile, you can always see glimpses of metal in your mouth.

I work in a media company in finance and have a team of 18 staff. This means I am often giving talks and demonstrations and I was always quite conscious of my teeth and their condition, so much so that I would cover my mouth when I smiled or laughed. Since the treatments have been carried out my teeth look great – this has made a big difference to my smile and confidence.

I also see the hygienist every quarter and she's excellent. She is very honest and if you're doing something wrong, she'll explain how you can do it better, and likewise, if you're doing something right she'll compliment you. She's so thorough and I come out feeling great. quat-right

Vanessa Booker, Cranleigh

quat-left Dear Mr Kemsley

I just wanted to pass on my daughter Corinna's thanks for restoring my smile to the one she loves.

Thank you too for making a procedure I was dreading into a not unpleasant experience. The anaesthetic injection is nearly always painful – my wife prefers to go without – but yours was hardly more than a 'prickle' and it worked super fast.

I admire your skill and care. quat-right

JW Woking

quat-left On the recommendation of Mr Kemsley I am transferring over to Chris Orr. I cannot thank Mr Kemsley enough for his highly professional work on my teeth. He dealt with my complex problem with utmost sensitivity and with a meticulous approach. He was the first dentist that I felt confident in.

I appreciate the effort he went to to try and fix things and minimise ongoing damage. And I very much appreciate his referral to Chris Orr.

The practice are lucky to have Mr Kemsley.

TC Woking

I was literally dreading root canal and whilst I'd still rather prefer a day out shopping, Nikki Triffitt made it a breeze. She always makes me feel totally at ease and I just wanted to say a massive 'thank you' to her and her wonderful dental nurses

JK, Addlestone

Just a little thank you for everyone for looking after my son so well during his orthodontist treatment. It went so smoothly and his teeth look great. I also want to add an extra thank you to Helen and the staff who went the extra mile to provide resources for the role play area in my school.

CN, Woking

I am compelled to write to you as Miss Martin is, without any hesitation, the best dental practitioner I have encountered - and I have had many treatments and countless dentists! Calm, assured, professional, pleasant and supremely skilled, she is a significant asset to your practice and I would be grateful if you would pass my sincere thanks to her for my recent treatment. The dental nurse was also very capable indeed and they make a great team. I spend a great deal of my professional time with dentists and in practices across the country - I am very glad indeed to be a client of Miss Martin at your practice. Thank you once again.


I just wanted to say that I have been extremely nervous of dentists for nearly 25 years but since becoming a patient of Miss Martin I have managed to overcome my fear. She is by far the best dentist I have come across, always very patient and calming and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone I come across. She is excellent. In fact the whole team is brilliant, receptionist, nurses, and hygienists.

SF, Woking

Hooray for Mr Pritchard and his team! A big thank you.

A, Woking

Felicity was the nicest dentist ever! A big thank you to her.

AK, Woking

Always friendly staff! Almost a pleasure to come here.

RS, Woking

Nikki is a fantastic dentist – brilliant with my girls.

SB, Woking

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Very pleased with service given

Friendly staff and atmosphere

A very friendly and professional service

Great friendly dentist. Great with adults and kids. Would recommend

Very friendly and professional

Never had any problems with the practice and always friendly and helpful

excellent care

very caring and put my son at ease on having his tooth pulled out. He wasn't scared

Very caring

On time and quick


because they do their job well

wonderful manner with the children (6&3)

because every time I come they give me good tips

because the staff are very friendly, helpful and experienced. Also, the dentists are great with kids and always smile

because there have been no problems with the service provided

because they are friendly and kind. They explained what is going to happen

the staff are really friendly and always make you feel safe

I like it here because they treat me very good

I like they give us stickers and help our teeth to be more clean and give us advice

good professional service

because they are good

because it's the best place

because he tells me not to eat sugar at certain times, like between meals and he told me my teeth were clean

it wasn't uncomfortable and it didn't hurt

because it is professional


They are friendly staff. It is very clean and modern here

Very caring and professional from everyone at our dentist

Because I have never had any problems with this dentist

Friendly dentist

Efficient and kind staff

They are nice people

Good service

Because the staff are really nice and they also do their job really well

Because I enjoyed it

Because I'm not scared anymore

Because they are good and friendly

The people are friendly, the service is very good

because they make sure that I am okay with what they are doing (tell me what they are going to do)

because it is important

Because it helps you to make your teeth better and healthier

friendly and well informed environment

because I have had good care and it's very good

very caring with children

I like coming here because I feel welcomed and they do a good job on my teeth

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