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Cosmetic Dentistry » ICON Resin Infiltration

Icon resin infiltration is a new, minimally-invasive technique that can be used to mask permanent white or brown discolouration on your front teeth. This type of discolouration can be frustrating as you may have perfectly healthy, straight teeth but the appearance of them is tainted by white/brown marks. There are several causes for this type of permanent discolouration:

  • Excessive fluoride intake during tooth development
  • Childhood illness
  • Childhood medications
  • After fixed orthodontic treatment

The procedure is completely painless as there is no need for anaesthetic or drilling and the results are instant. In one visit you can have your smile transformed. We are proud to be one of the first practices in Surrey to be offering this revolutionary new treatment that is already extremely popular in the US.

In certain cases, the resin infiltration can be used to halt the progression of early cavities. Your dentist will advise you at your regular check-up if you are eligible for its use in this way.