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Goldsworth Road Dental Centre
96 Goldsworth Road, Woking, GU21 6LN

New Patients

New Patients – What to expect

One of our friendly reception team will call before your appointment to check you know where to go and let you know about parking near the practice. They will also remind you to download and complete a Medical History form and Smile Check leaflet and to bring them to your appointment.

Your dentist will ask about your current mouth-care routine and details on any dental problems you are experiencing.

A thorough Dental Health Check will include a careful look at:

  • teeth for any signs of decay, wear or cracks
  • gums for signs of gum disease
  • jaw joint to check normal opening and closing
  • how your teeth bite together
  • any signs of mouth cancer

It is often necessary to take x-ray pictures of your teeth and jaw bones (not included in the new patient consultation fee).

Your dentist will listen to your concerns and wishes and together with the information collected from your Dental Health Check they will put together a tailor-made treatment plan for you. This will include treatment options available to you and an outline of the associated cost. Where possible, this will be given to you to take home then and there.

Your dentist will also make recommendations of how frequently you should attend for dental hygiene and health check appointments.

Have a question?

If you have any queries please click on the link below to email us your question and we will aim to email or call you back the next working day.

Or telephone 01483 370 833 and speak to one of our friendly reception team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can call outside surgery hours and leave your query with our message service who will pass your query to us and we will aim call you back the next working day.

Want to arrange an appointment?

Please telephone 01483 370 833 and one of our friendly reception team will be happy to arrange an appointment for you.

Or, if you are over 18 years old, you can book an appointment now by following the link below.

Please note: we are unable to treat adults as NHS patients.

We operate our own Care Plan for patients, allowing you to spread the cost of regular dental care on a monthly basis

Our care plans are a popular way for our patients to ensure regular dental care and maintain oral health.

You receive inclusive treatments and discounts.

If you are interested in joining our Care Plans, come and see us for an initial assessment where we can discuss your needs.

I have been a patient at Goldsworth Road since they were at the other location, so forever! They are excellent.

My children see Miss Martin and she is amazing with them. It’s really remarkable the way she handles them. She comes down to their level and is genuinely interested in what they tell her. She asks them questions and listens to their responses. She never talks over the top of them to me. She’s like a friend and they are always happy to see her.

Aneeqa and Zahra have had braces and Mrs Pritchard is a brilliant orthodontist. She’s really, patient and friendly. She’s not scary at all – children can feel very frightened of dentists however Mrs Pritchard has the magic touch and soon makes them feel at ease!

She talks away to the children, listens to them and is a total professional. Aneeqa is in the last stage of her orthodontic treatment and her teeth are beautiful now. They are lovely and straight – a transformation from how they were. We were worried that she may have some staining because of the fixed brackets but there’s nothing. She has a really lovely smile now.

Aneeqa also saw the hygienist for a special session on brushing skills. This was very useful indeed. Her teeth have remained healthy throughout her treatment and she was given lots of oral health advice, which she followed to the letter.

The whole practice has a real family feel and they really are excellent.

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