Keep your kids caries free

We speak to lots of patients who say a traumatic experience in the dental chair when they were children has had a lasting effect on the way they feel as adult patients.

At Goldsworth Road Dental Centre, we have learned our lessons from the past and now take great care in the way we treat our younger patients to ensure they grow up looking forward to visits – rather than dreading them.

Adults’ perception and childhood experience of the dentist is very different to today, so please let us help you pass on the best practises and attitudes towards dental care by bringing your children in regularly and showing how important it is by attending regularly yourself too!

It is now possible with the correct diet and brushing to prevent dental decay completely and to have “caries free kids”.

We recommend that you bring your children in from birth so that they can grow up feeling comfortable in a dental environment – and they are very welcome to have a go in the ‘big chair’.

Children should attend their very own first appointment as soon as their first tooth appears.

All children up to three years old should use a toothpaste with a fluoride level of at least 1000ppm (parts per million). After the age of three, children should use a toothpaste that contains 1350ppm-1500ppm. Encourage them not to rinse after spitting out the toothpaste, as the fluoride will remain in their mouth for longer and give the best protection against decay. It is important to supervise your child’s brushing until they are at least seven and encourage them to brush as soon as they get up in the morning and last thing at night.