Daily Flossing? – Our Woking Dentists advise to give flossing a future

Dental Flossing has been in the media spotlight recently after the United States Health Department has removed dental flossing from their list of dental recommendations. There have been lots of headlines saying that flossing is of little value which has caused widespread confusion about what is right and wrong in regards to your dental health.

Our team here at Goldsworth Road Dental Centre would like to remind everyone that a regular dental routine, including flossing, is most important for good oral health. Although interdental brushes are more and more preferable and can be more effective than flossing, there are areas of the mouth where the brushes don’t fit, and those areas will be neglected without flossing. To floss daily in those very tight spaces is essential for gingival and periodontal health.
Interdental cleaning is essential for good oral health. A daily routine of brushing and interdental cleaning, either by brushes or floss, can prevent plaque build-up and gingival inflammation.

Interdental plaque removal requires personalised planning and professional instructions and we strongly recommend our patients make an appointment with our hygienists who will support and manage your individual needs. This is now even easier as Direct Access means that you would not necessarily have to see the dentist first. Although the hygienist may decide to refer you to a dentist, in some cases, they can provide oral hygiene advice in the first instance.

Please do contact us here in Woking and make an appointment with one of our highly recommended dentists or hygienists who will be happy to advise you on gum disease and general dental hygiene. We also always welcome new patients to our practice here in Woking, so please don’t hesitate if you are worried about your dental health – and confused about headlines.