It’s time to fit your own oxygen mask first


In a mid-air emergency, we are always told to fit our own oxygen mask first, says Catherine Pritchard from Goldsworth Road Dental in Surrey. This is to ensure we are able to help our loved ones in a calm, considerate and efficient manner - whilst being able to breathe ourselves! 

It may sound selfish but it is absolutely essential – and not just in a crisis situation. If our own wellbeing isn’t being cared for, our ability to give our love to others is diminished.

One of the most debilitating issues we can face, says our Woking dentist, is when our mouths are painful and don’t work as well as they should. This not only affects our ability to eat and look after ourselves properly but also how we cope in community and social environments.

If you are struggling to eat, chew, smile and socialise because an uncomfortable, troublesome mouth is occupying your mind, now is a good time to put yourself first. It is almost the New Year after all, so when better to start thinking about you?

A comfortable mouth

When our mouths work well we don’t give them a second thought but as soon as we have a problem it’s hard to consider anything else. If that sensitive tooth is stopping you from drinking a hot cuppa or an ice cold drink, then call us now to book your dental appointment. If your teeth have been neglected and need some TLC, we are here to help.

Well-established team

Our well-established team provides outstanding dental and hygiene care to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. Don’t worry, we won’t shout at you if it’s been a while since your last appointment. We will be very pleased to help you look after and improve your smile in 2018.

Look after your smile

Our advanced dental practice offers:

•    Tailored dental care for all ages
•    Meticulous hygiene therapy
•    Regular mouth cancer screening
•    Cosmetic solutions to boost your smile

The door to our dental practice in Goldsworth Road is always open to new patients from across Woking, Guildford and Surrey, so please feel free to pop in or contact us. We look forward to meeting you soon.